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    The online community that brings together Fiat aficionados across all generations, the unique platform which allows you to share ideas, interests, knowledge and more importantly, passion for all things FIAT.

    A Fiat forum which brings to you all the advantages of an online community while providing you that personalized web experience.

    The community boasts of over 2330 members- who are spread across the length and breadth of this great country and beyond, ardent Fiat enthusiasts who have or have had one Fiat car in their stable.

    The range of models represented in the forum range from the venerable Millicento 1100 to the legendary Palio, from the beautiful Premier Padmini to Grande Punto & the stylish Linea.

    This is one place where you can find them all!

    The community is not only a place for members to relax, share a banter and unwind in the comfort of the personalized web space, but also is a treasure trove of information, a strong repository of knowledge on all things Fiat, a place where no question of yours will go unanswered.

    Want to buy a new car? Need accessories to embellish your Fiat? Want to get that extra BHP from your steed? Need to get those rare spares for your classic? Be assured, you have come to right place.

    True to our nature of being an open community, we welcome owners, enthusiasts and aficionados of FIAT.

    Irrespective of the make, model or generation of the Fiat car that you own, like to own or just admire, you will be at home here.

    The forum is designed with the user in mind and strives to ensure that the experience in MFW will be like no other on the web.

    Personalization, ease of navigation and wealth of information and passionate members will ensure that you spend less time in searching and spend more time contributing.

    We hope we will delight you during your time here.

    As we believe continuous innovation and strive to make the forum a better place to be and we are open to suggestions in improving the experience of being here.

    Happy Motoring to all and drive safe.