• About MFW

    Welcome to Myfiatworld.IN!

    MYFIATWORLD was launched on 4th April 2012.

    The need to launch MYFIATWORLD was born out of the need to have one single platform which would bring all the models of FIAT Brand Cars under one roof.

    MYFIATWORLD has now successfully completed 5 years and about to complete its 6th year in coming April 2018. The forum boasts of having active members of over 3000 and is growing.

    A wealth of information has been shared by the forum members in the last 5 years.

    MFW as it is lovingly called is an online community of FIAT & JEEP Car & SUV Users that brings together Fiat aficionados across all generations.

    It is a unique platform which allows you to share our ideas, ownership details of your Cars, modifications, travelogues, personal interests, knowledge and more importantly total passion for all things about FIAT & JEEP Brands.

    MFW is an online forum which brings to you all the advantages of an online community while providing you that personalized web experience.

    The community boasts of members across India & from Abroad too who are spread across the length and breadth of this great country and beyond, ardent Fiat enthusiasts who have or have had one and more Fiat cars in their stable.

    The range of models represented in the forum range from the venerable Millicento 1100 to the legendary Palio, from the beautiful Premier Padmini to Grande Punto, the stylish Linea & the latest launch Jeep Models.

    This is one place where you can find them all!

    The forums structure gives ample opportunity for the newly joined member to share his or her introduction and share the experience of how they got their FIAT car and share photos and ownership details. The forum welcomes the newly joined members and encourages them to keep sharing.

    The car owners share many details about the experience of their car service & repairs at Authorized workshops or at Private workshops, availability of spares or services, about In Car Entertainment and about modification, tyres, fuel additives, Engine Oil brands, Interior & Exterior of Car Spares about issues faced by members and troubleshooting done. DIY experience and on road experience be it short drives or very long drives spanning many days & weeks.

    The community is not only a place for members to relax, share a banter and unwind in the comfort of the personalized web space, but also is a treasure trove of information, a strong repository of knowledge on all things Fiat, a place where no question of yours will go unanswered.

    Want to buy a new car? Need accessories to embellish your Fiat? Want to get that extra BHP from your steed? Need to get those rare spares for your classic? Be assured, you have come to right place.

    True to our nature of being an open community, we welcome owners, enthusiasts and aficionados of FIAT & JEEP.

    Irrespective of the make, model or generation of the Fiat & JEEP car that you own, like to own or just admire, you will be at home here.

    The forum is designed with the user in mind and strives to ensure that the experience in MFW will be like no other on the web.

    Personalization, ease of navigation and wealth of information and passionate members will ensure that you spend less time in searching and spend more time contributing.

    We hope we will delight you during your time here.

    As we believe continuous innovation and strive to make the forum a better place to be and we are open to suggestions in improving the experience of being here.

    MYFIATWORLD has been successfully conducting meets across India for FIAT Brand Cars year after year. These meets bring together FIAT & JEEP Brand Car lovers across India together who get the opportunity to meet fellow members and share their views and learn & understand.
    Many members have learnt a lot from the forum as it is a treasure trove of wealth of information.

    Geographically the majority of the members are in the younger age group of 25 ? 45 plus.

    Most of these meets are very colourful, joyful and lively where the members bring their family along too. The women & children also see so many FIAT & JEEP Brand Cars and are so thrilled with the overall experience.

    Basically the forum brings in a comradery and brotherhood amongst the FIAT & JEEP Brand Car owners and creates a wonderful bonding of all the members.

    The Groups meets brings out the best of the photographs of the various Cars and these are proudly showcased & displayed in the forum by various members who have taken the photos.

    Happy Motoring to all and drive safe.