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Spotted a Snake in Bengaluru? Call Shivappa!
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Thread: Spotted a Snake in Bengaluru? Call Shivappa!

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    Exclamation Spotted a Snake in Bengaluru? Call Shivappa!

    Stumbled upon this thread on TeamBHP. This was some very useful information and thought of sharing.

    This was posted by ajitkumarlb.

    Shivappa (998 085 5720) is a snake catcher in Sahakarnagar, Bangalore.

    Had found this cobra in the middle of the road on my way back home on the NH7 around 12AM. Called this guy, he promptly responded and caught the snake (if not I am quite certain the snake would be dead under some vehicle).

    Next day visited him at his "home/terrarium". From this container he take out:

    Cobras that's ok... but a Russells Viper caught the day before about half KM from my home
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    He is recognized by forest department but they don't provide any support to him. He spends his own money to release the snakes. He has figured on may
    news papers. And he has caught several snakes for the namma metro project.
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    He doesn't take money. At least from me he did not take any... and he refused to take when I offered

    I have offered to drive him to forest areas to release the snakes as transport is one of his major cost apart...
    Original Link: http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/4x4-ex...ml#post2630540

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    Dear Anand,

    Quite interesting.

    You wont believe this. For the last 1 week I have been helping my son in doing a project work which he has selected Snakes.

    He has to know & understand about snakes & write in 50 page note book about snakes, types, varities, their habbitat, their food, life cycle, their enemies etc. I have taken so many color print of different types of snakes for him.

    What is interesting is that the snakes even the most posionous ones do not come forward & just attack and they only try to avoid any confrontation with humans. Only when they cannot escape they defend themselves by attacking.

    Snakes are among the most misunderstood of all animals. As a result, many harmless, beneficial snakes have met untimely deaths at the hands of humans.

    Many of us do not know this that there are over 3000 different species of snakes around the world out of which only some 600 variety are only posionous about a quarter of all snake species.

    There are 4 venomous snakes found in India & they are known as the “big four” of India. Common Cobra, Common Krait, Russell’s viper & Saw Scaled Viper. Most other snakes are poor & harmless but since they look dangerous they too get killed.

    The saddest part with Humans is FEAR and it breeds more Fear when they see a snake & one doesnt know how to differentiate a poisonous one from a non posionous one and both get the same treatment end of a big stick.

    Snakes are revered with the GODs in our culture, yet they are killed mercilessly.

    In all cities there are few people like Shivappa, even in Chennai and we need to ask these people & they will tell us about snakes. Movies made by our movie makers show them also in poor light and show them coming to attack people to take revenge.

    I visited the snake park in ECR Road inside the crocodile park. Once you are inside you will find a place where there is a raised step & you need to stand up & in front of you, you will find a window which is closed & on it it is written the most dangerous animal in the world - open. Inside there is a mirror!
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    Say 5years back my mom used to daily see some snakes sleepin, playing, and doint other activities behind my house in our fence.

    One fine day she was afraid we immediately called to Forest department and within 1hr they had arrived and caught 3 snakes and packed them in the old pillow cover used in my home and took them left it in Guindy Park. They even gave us acknowledgement copy for the same and charged us 200 bucks for the autos they came.

    It took nearly 3-4 hours to catch these snakes. They were 2 guys had come to do the job and they typically looked professionals from the way they were dressed like a employee of a IT firm with a neatly polished shoes. And each snake was around 12-15 feet in length. Just imagine its size. Heard it from them that if it bites it will lead to permanent blidness.

    I cant figure out the variety of snakes in english but in tamil they call it Sarai Pambu.
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    It is a wrong belief that snakes will immediately inject poison. For them it is precious they won't waste it unless it is unavoidable to use it. In many cases of snake bites people die because of fear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bharathj85 View Post
    I cant figure out the variety of snakes in english but in tamil they call it Sarai Pambu.
    In English it is called as Rat Snake. They are harmless and non-venomous. Some are mildly venomous but not harmful to humans.


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