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Thread: FIAT UNO Diesel

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    Re: FIAT UNO Diesel


    when I had a dream to own a car in my college days, I did a lot and lot of research.

    My concerns and pre-requisites were pretty foolish if seen from a common man's perspective!

    I wanted extremely good power with extremely high reliability with considerably high mileage having ample of boot space with good speeds at a low price!

    I came to know that its useless talking to car owners, specially newbies who always like the car they own. then i started talking to garage people and narrowed down on Fiat UNO diesel!

    then I started looking for it and waited for 7 years!!! no one was ready to sell of their uno even after buying skoda, and Mercedes..there was something special in this beauty that attracted them!

    Finally I came across a UNO that was in a very very very bad condition. It was accidented, dented from all sides and had all known maintenance tasks pending!

    So I bought it in 25K and spent almost 90K over it. Now my car is in awesome condition from inside! I have covered almost 1L myself on it and it still runs like a rocket!

    I have touched 145 kmph on it and have driven whole my family safely! I would specially like to mention 1 incidence when i was travelling at a speed of 120 kmph on NH4 with my family. (6 ppl including kids) and all of a sudden one Tyre bursted! (it was old tyre and probabally something like nail made it burst) but still I could safely take it aside and stop it beside the road! this stability and control was awesome! moreover when I saw that the break fluid pipe is also damaged due to that burst I simple replaced it with TATA 407 Truck's fluid pipe and it worked!

    there are many memories , sweet memories of my car with me! I own few more fiats now, but Fiat UNO is still my favorite and will remain the best car for me for ever!

    Thanks UNO, you are the best!


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    Re: FIAT UNO Diesel

    Had a similar experience with my 1.2 petrol @ 100 kmph and the front left tyre burst. rock steady the car was. shifted gear to neutral, foot of the brakes and clutch and light control of the steering to guide it to the left. Inspite of the bursted tyre and the speed the car had excellent control .

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