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Corporate Tie Up with APAR AGIP Lubricants
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Thread: Corporate Tie Up with APAR AGIP Lubricants

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    Corporate Tie Up with APAR AGIP Lubricants

    Dear All,

    It is with great pleasure MYFIATWORLD announces that it has tied up with APAR Chematek Lubricants Limited a subsidiary of APAR INDUSTRIES LTD., which markets the world-renowned AGIP brand of Lubricants.

    Many of us know Brand AGIP & its logo which is a most respected name in the Formula Racing circuits worldwide.

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    Brief About APAR Chematek: http://www.aparchematek.com/

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    APAR CHEMATEK Lubricants Ltd., markets a wide range of Automotive lubricants ranging from PCMOs, DEOs, Two wheeler oils, Gear oils Greases etc.

    In industrial lubricants, the Company offers a wide range catering various segments of the industry including hydraulic oils, industrial gear oils, general machinery oils, heat transfer oils, extreme pressure greases, quenching oils, pneumatic oils, neat and soluble cutting oils, gas engine oils, marine oils rust preventives and specialty products. The Company also offers its customers Comprehensive Diagnostic Services in India.

    Product Range as per their website: http://www.aparchematek.com/products.html

    Brief About AGIP: http://www.eni.com/en_IT/home.html

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    AGIP is the brand of Eni S.p.A. of Italy, an Italian industrial giant with a group turnover that exceeds € 100 billion.

    With interests that span across the gamut of petroleum activities, from exploration, production, refining and marketing, the Group is the biggest industrial group in Italy and amongst the largest in the world.

    Manufacturing & Marketing of automotive, industrial, marine and aviation lubricants is one of the foremost activity of the Refining & Marketing division of Eni.

    We have been constantly pursuing in bringing world class products, solutions & services to MYFIATWORLD Forum members and this has lead us to APAR & AGIP who are very happy & pleased to be part of this vibrant forum.

    Let us all give a warm welcome to Mr.Sundar Subramanian - Business Head, Mr.K.Srinivasan - Regional Manager, Mr.Inderjit Thakur - Senior Manager from APAR Chematek Lubricants Ltd.

    APAR Team also comprises of Sarma N, Siddhi Santosh Patil & Shabu Sathyan

    It is a great pleasure & honour to have you all with us sirs.

    We are now very sure our requirements for all Engine Oils, Coolants, Brake Oil, Gear Oil, Power Steering Oil & Greases etc will be fulfilled & met by APAR.

    I am sharing here with a mail from Mr.Sundar Subramanian confirming APAR Chematek's support to the forum.

    Although it is addressed to me kindly read it as it is addressed to every member of MYFIATWORLD.

    ----- Forwarded Message -----
    From: Sundar Subramaniam
    To: "maheshnatarajan"
    Cc: Indrajeet Thakur; K Srinivasan
    Sent: Tuesday, 23 July 2013 2:46 PM


    Have gone through this in depth and have discussed this with my team too.

    As a brand we would love to associate ourselves with this initiative of yours.

    We look forward to take this forward for a mutually beneficial association.

    And finally to conclude I am personally a Fiat Linea owner too and would love to participate in this at an individual too.


    Sundar S

    P.S.: Dear All - Mr.Inderjit Thakur will be shortly sharing with the forum the complete range of products & solutions they will be offering to our forum members.

    [COLOR="#0000FF"][SIZE=4]Members whose FIAT cars are currently out of warranty and want to choose World Class Engine Oils & Lubricants can get all the support from APAR AGIP now.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    Love My Passion MYFIATWORLD - Warm Regards, MN - Mahesh Natarajan

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    Great work done MN Sir

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    A very welcome to APAR - AGIP Group. Thanks Sundar Sir, and the bonus is your also a fiattian. Hope to meet you in our meets some time. I am sure you will offer good discounts on your world class products to fellow member.

    MN Sire, kudos to you for the effort being put.


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    MN's on a roll yet again, for us MFW/FIATians!!! fantastic MN sir!

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    Welcome to APAR/AGIP team on MFW. Its really heartening to see corporates showing willingness to support MFW and FIAT

    MN, as always great work from you.

    Sunder Ji, good to know you are a FIATian too. Welcome to MFW.

    Where therz a will therz a way

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    Hello Sirs,

    It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you into MFW. And we would like to use your lubricants on our beloved cars/bikes in the coming days to understand the performance they offer

    Wish you again a warm welcome and happy stay with MFW.
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    Hello Sir,

    Welcome to MFW.
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    Dear APAR-AGIP team

    Welcome to mfw, really nice to see the corporate tie up with one of the top players.
    We would like to usebyour lubricants for sure.

    Havea pleasant stay here

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    MN Bhai,

    Congratulation and job well done sir,

    Hats off to your sprit and I know the amount of hard work required in order to get the corporate tie up done,

    Sir you are doing a great job,

    I know that forum member's will acknowledge and understand the important what you are doing sir,

    Thanks for your effort bhai,

    Welcome APAR Group,also request to update the same with complete cataloq list,
    APAR Group it's a pleasure to have you with us sir,

    Thanks & Regards
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    Dear APAR-AGIP team, i am feeling delighted to welcome you people in the family of fiatians. And MN sir have one more thanks from my side for the dedication you are actually showing for all of us.

    pEOPLE dON'T fA!L , tHEY g!VE uP

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