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Thread: An accident which could have been avoided?

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    Re: Accident due to Owner not reading the manual - double cranking prevention system

    I don't want to blame the DCP feature for this. If the key doesn't turn clock wise after a stall, our hand will turn the key anti clock wise and then clock wise by instinct.

    No one knows whether the driver of the car was confused on how to start it after a stall. What if he was trying to start but the train hit the car before it could start?

    Some one says DCP and we are all here discussing about it! Turning the key back and forth. How hard could it be?

    More than the features in your car, learn on road safety. Wear Seat belts. Drive Safe.

    I seriously don't like the title of this thread. No one knows what the accident is due to. It would seriously hurt family and friends of the deceased if they are reading this. Just change the title to "An accident which could have been avoided"
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    Re: Accident due to Owner not reading the manual - double cranking prevention system

    Quote Originally Posted by RDCF View Post
    Dear all,

    I agree that most of us are not reading manual. I have a suggestion in my mind that in association with FIAT to prepare a PRE DELIVERY INSTRUCTION video which will be shown before the delivery of the car. it will definitely improve the awareness and also easy to understand the features. This DVD can be given along with the delivery kit for their future references.

    Team Head(Sales)
    Its a Good Idea, it will give a hint of new car and the hidden features to the owner.
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    Re: An accident which could have been avoided?

    Since the impact could have been from side the airbag might not have engaged.
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    Re: An accident which could have been avoided?

    This made me recall one minor incident that I had to go through. Back in 2007, I was driving my friend's Petra 1.6 through heavy Bangalore traffic. Stopped the engine at a red light. When the counter was approaching zero, I tried to crack up the engine, only to realize that the whole unit was stuck, as if double cranking prevention is in action. It wouldn't move past the ignition ON position no matter what.

    After several attempts to free it up, including few violent hits on the steering column with my arms and leg, I could finally start the car, allowing a pile of vehicles behind me to finally start moving. Was a bit scary.
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    Re: An accident which could have been avoided?

    Enough of speculations on this accident and guesses on what might have happened on that dreadful moment.

    Sincere thanks to Nagoo for his constructive suggestion of making a video briefing the safety features of the car and mandatorily screening it to the owner-to-be... Let us all contribute in this effort.
    And then the widely advised suggestion by all our fellow members on reading the manuals religiously on the very first day of ownership, regardless of previous ownerships, awareness and the thousands of kms under his/her belt.

    I'm going through the manuals tonight!

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    Re: An accident which could have been avoided?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brahadeesh View Post
    I'm going through the manuals tonight!
    Back in Aug-Sept 2009, just about two weeks after I buying my Punto, we were driving to Kerala. New car with Odo just 200 or so, and first long drive. Some time during the journey, a yellow light started glowing from the console, above the MID. Since this is a new car, were sure sure what it meant, nor did I bother to check the MID message, which said something like "check left turn indicator". We stopped the car immediately and opened the manual, which I always keep in the car, and searched for warning information only to learn that it just meant a bulb has fused. That was at a time when Punto was a very rare sight even Bangalore, forget Kerala!

    That was when I first realized that I must read the manual cover-to-cover at least once.

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