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Fiat owners have got BIG hearts..!
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Thread: Fiat owners have got BIG hearts..!

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    Fiat owners have got BIG hearts..!

    Fiat owners have got really BIG hearts..! You will agree once you know what happened today.

    I was driving towards city at around 11am and was approaching Palarivattom junction (a medium busy spot). The car which was few feet in front of me stopped suddenly. I applied brakes bit hard and managed to stop just behind him. Before I even released pressure on brake pedal.. BANG..! a Vento rear-ended me.. that too bit hard.. I could feel from the noise and jerk. From rear view mirror I could see the poor guy gesturing "..what the heck..!"

    Both of us pulled over and I quickly got out and inspected my car. To my relief the damage mas minimal.. Bumper was intact, but moulding on hatch door had come off a bit; as if snap lock is broken. Then I looked at the other guy. His face was sour as vinegar; and I got the reason in the next moment.. his car had a sour face with creases on the boot-lid..! I didn't know what to say for a moment.. Just told him 'Looks like you have some damage.. but I was helpless; the car in front of me stopped..' and bid good bye and left.

    VW has got a decent build quality; still this was the scene. Imagine if it was a 'tin-box'..! I would have felt really pity on him and even offered him some money..! (..amplifying a bit.. )

    Isn't it true that .. Fiatians have got BIG hearts ..?
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    Re: Fiat owners have got BIG hearts..!

    Ha ha..looks like you really have a big heart. All tin box owners reading this thread will rear end you for money. Beware!

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    Re: Fiat owners have got BIG hearts..!

    Yeh, agreed fiattians have a big heart, but tin box owners never read or believe in these gem of a cars.

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    Re: Fiat owners have got BIG hearts..!

    Agree Fiat owners have got Big heart,

    remembering the incident I had when I was havinga Palio, a Brand New beamer rear ended me when I was in signal, small scratch in a palio and minor dent in the Beamer with a scratch. when he offered money for my repair I rejected it.
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    Re: Fiat owners have got BIG hearts..!

    Ha ha ha you have a big heart man. If it is a tin can who knows may be you would have taken him to hospital and gave him blood.
    Thanks and kind regards,
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    Re: Fiat owners have got BIG hearts..!

    I can vouch for the rear of Fiats for sure.
    At a traffic light (probably 5-6 years back) I was halted waiting for the signal to get green, and suddenly felt a jolt and my Adventure moved 4 feets ahead that too when I had applied hand brake.
    When came out saw a Cab driver in his Chevrolet Tavera was at rear. He came out telling that his brakes failed and stated apologising. Adjacent to my car a roadways bus was standing, I said if your brakes failed, you should have reared the bus why you found my car that too when its a Fiat and that too an Adventure.
    Anyways got calm when saw that the bumper of his Tavera was totally grounded, however Adventure got NOTHING, just minor scratches on the bumper and there was a slight increase in gap of 2-3 mm between bumper and main body near tail lights, but no deformity in any part at all. This was when my Adventure was all new. But that minor gap also was troubling me all along, and I immediately went to nearby workshop (orix , Gurgaon) and asked them to set it, however they refuse to do it saying its nominal and not worth openign the bumper, so from there I went ot Dhingra cursing Orix for not being sensitive, but they too said the same that I am unnecessarily getting paranoid, and should leave the bumper as it is, as the gap was too nominal.
    So by evening I was all furious as to how to get it corrected, finally went to a hardware shop, bought a set of star headed L keys, and started opening rear bumper of my Adventure. I am not recollecting it exact, but I think there were 14 or 18 Star headed bolts holding that bumper, and the one on fender sides were all hidden with carpet, and even there were 4 bolts at bottom of car. Every time I use to feel that ok now I have opened all bolts, but use to get surprised when sense that bumper is not coming out. Finally I opened it all lifted it upwards and screwed those bolts back.
    This took more than 2 hours, however all along I was admiring Fiat. Admiring on the built quality of the plastic of Bumper, admiring on how firmly its bolted with chassis, admiring at the Nos. of bolts used for moutning a bumper (at rear end thinking of the clips used in Swift to hold a bumper), even admiring at the quality of the Star headed bolts.

    Since then I have been notcing this part that its not just the quality or heaviness of that specific part, its also how well its mounted in the body, which is very neatly done in Fiats, like no loose ends left.

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    Re: Fiat owners have got BIG hearts..!

    We surely has a big heart guys,

    Something similar happened with me, but in my case I was simply standing on a redlight signal. Have a look here http://www.myfiatworld.in/showthread...ian-Ride/page7

    pEOPLE dON'T fA!L , tHEY g!VE uP

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