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Thread: Datsun Go vs i10 Grand Magna petrol

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    Re: Datsun Go vs i10 Grand Magna petrol

    This is a Fiat forum, so I would request to be excused for peddling a non Fiat car :-)
    As far as my experience with city-driving-only cars goes, I would suggest the Nano, unless you have specific reasons not to choose it.
    We took one because we were looking for a low budget, alternative car.
    Plus points :
    1] High seating. A 6ft tall relative commented that he gets more leg space in a Nano than in a Fortuner !!
    2] Easy for elderly people to get in and out of the car due to the height.
    3] Easy to squeeze into tight parking spots, I usually park it in the row of bikes in our parking lot
    4] Mileage > 20kmpl, maintenance cost (spare parts) are very cheap

    -ve points
    1] Not stable at speeds > 80kmph so its strictly for city drives only.
    2] Weak build quality. Can get dented easily. Doesn't score on the safety aspect
    3] Tata ASS is not the best you can get
    4] If you go for a non-power steering option, turning the car with 4 people sitting inside it can be quite hard on the shoulders
    5] No ABS, air bag options AFAIK

    Good luck with your choice ;-)

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    Re: Datsun Go vs i10 Grand Magna petrol

    been a user of alto k10 in the past for 2 years.. thats almost the best city commuting car i've ever driven.. if the options are still open and punto 1.2 out of the list, i would recommend considering the k10(ofcourse the pre-facelift, for the neat looks)

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    Re: Datsun Go vs i10 Grand Magna petrol

    Hi, All

    Thanks. My relative have finalized on grandi10, please close this thread.

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    Re: Datsun Go vs i10 Grand Magna petrol

    Thread Closed,

    As Thread Starter requested.

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