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Wonderful Help from a unnamed Fiatian
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Thread: Wonderful Help from a unnamed Fiatian

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    Wonderful Help from a unnamed Fiatian

    I would like to share this experience which happened few months back.

    My brother in law was driving his Figo back home from his native on a sunday night. He almost reached kelambakkam and while crossing the kelambakkam junction a drunk guy who crossed the road suddenly decided to come back. Though he braked hard and car stopped just touching him this guy couldnt stand on his own fell down on the road. Since he felldown and car stopped, the onlookers thought it was an accident.

    he get down from the car and this guy was not moving. For precaution he called ambulance and the crowd started accusing him for the accident. this guys was silent and no movement, a Fellow fiatian who followed my BIL's figo stopped along with him and came to his support. Has told the crowd that he must be drunk and he came in. the shopkeeper nearby also came to the support and told the crowd about the drunk guy. thankfully there was a movement with the guy and he started walking as if nothing had happen.

    The crowd allowed my BIL to move and the Fiatian who stood with him left after my BIL moved from the spot. My BIL couldnt able to ask his name/details to thank this unnamed Fiatian who helped a fellow road user.

    if the Fiatian happened to come to this forum and see this thread. I would like to thank him for the help he extended.

    I called Anandh for a help and he immediately started to the spot however we were told not to come. If i want to thank Anandh then need few more pages to fill. this is same for each and every member of MFW. Feeling the brotherhood in MFW.

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    Re: Wonderful Help from a unnamed Fiatian

    Nice gesture. Forget helping a fellow motorist, most drivers on road dont have the courage or heart to stop for themselves if they banged on someone, fearing the curse and after effects.

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