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"CERATEC" review
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Thread: "CERATEC" review

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    "CERATEC" review

    Dear Friends,
    I don't know if you guys are aware of this product by Liquid Moly called "Ceratec".. apparently this product once poured into the engine froms a microscopic ceramic layer onto the metal and moving parts of the engine thereby reducing friction significantly. Although i have used Liquid Moly products earlier and in my opinion they are probably the best in the world owing to the strict european standards but i wasn't sure if it would reduce 75% friction as the print on the Ceratec can claimed. . I tried it on my Palio 1.9D and woooo.... I am pleasantly surprised. The engine has become much much more smooth and eager. Earlier I would have had to slot the third gear if i was driving at the speed of below 30... but now my fourth gear functions at that speed. Even the part throttle has improved significantly.

    The product is expensive and costs rs. 3000 and I think Anupam Shukla also has the agency for the same. I fully recommend it to all and it can withstand up till 50000 kms. .

    Give it a try and I vouch that you will like it.

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    Re: "CERATEC" review

    I don't think this actually lasts 50K. Have read in other forums where there was a reply from the company itself. Plus we need to check the long term effect since the lifters are hydraulic and there are very file screens and channels in the solenoids that can get clogged with a thick material

    Please post your long term usage review mainly at and after oil change and affect of FE

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