Dear Friends & MFW Members,

We all together have journeyed a long way since 4th April 2012 when MYFIATWORLD was launched as one family who had the common passion with FIAT Brand.

MYFIATWORLD will be 6 years old on 4th April 2018 this year and we all of us together will successfully go on for many more years.

It has been a wonderful time we all have had together all these years. We have seen lots of ups & downs too.

We are happy to have all the FIAT brand cars in MYFIATWORLD starting with Uno, Siena, Petra, Palio, Grande Punto & Linea in different trims. Now the latest addition is the JEEP Brand Compass & Cherokee

It is true that MYFIATWORLD has slowed down and become very dormant in recent months & years and seen much less activity.

There are a lot of reasons and we still see that the members yearn to see the great days back.

Let us all come together in MYFIATWORLD again & start posting & start making MFW great again.

Let us all brush up our old posts, share new stories, showcase our rides, share our experiences & ideas and thoughts, troubleshoot & help fellow members, welcome new comers etc

I kindly request all members to share their feedback & thoughts on this thread.

I take this opportunity to wish each & every member and their family all the very best.

Love & Live FIAT .

Warm Regards,